Sewing rite is specialised in sewing products. Our aim is to provide Quality sewing products for low price. In united states people love to do sewing according to their needs.Sewingrite makes sewing more comfortable and easy. As a company we make sewing products according to the user requirements. Sewingrite orders are made to order. As a result, colors and other things will be user friendly Units typically are shipped within 5-6 Weeks business days of order.Our company is located in United States and 24*7 customer care is provided .Shipping is only available in united states.

Sewing rite products categories:

  • 1. Sewing tables
  • 2. Sewing cabinets
  • 3. Storage drawers
  • 4. Sewing caddies

Sewingrite provided customers with innovative design,new features,style looks, and user friendly.Best advantage of the product is adjustable lift for free-arm use.


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