Arrow Bertha Sewing Machine Airlift with Sewing Kit Organizer

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Our Bertha sewing cabinet was made to fit today's large, heavy sewing and embroidery machines. Her airlift holds a 60-pound machine and will effortlessly move your sewing machine up and down into 3 positions: free arm, flatbed and storage. The airlift also easily adjusts to accommodate machines of different heights. Bertha also comes with a quilt leaf for the back of the cabinet. The leaf increases your workspace behind the unit creating approximately 5 square feet, so fragile quilts won't fall on the floor as you pass them through the machine. The leaf slides along a metal rod behind the cabinet for custom positioning to the left of your machine The two doors on Bertha have a total of 8 storage trays for all your sewing accessories. A cut out in the front allows for machine knee lifters to be used comfortably. Sew with correct posture avoiding stress on your hands, back and neck in any position by sitting in front of your needle for center needle sewing.
1 Dimensions Open: 84-3/16" wide x 39-3/4" deep(quilt leaf fully extended*) x 30-1/2" tall. Dimensions Closed: 43-1/2" wide x 23" deep x 31" tall
2 Quilt Leaf Open: 34-3/8" wide x 20-7/16" deep x 30-3/16" tall. Construction: Vinyl laminate/MDF/Composite. Color: White
3 The Bertha cabinet opening will accommodate sewing machines no larger than: 22-9/16" wide. 11-3/4" deep (front to back). 14-1/2" tall
4 Please measure your machine and include knobs, plugs,etc. that extend beyond the body of machine.
5 Airlift Platform Weight Limit: 45 lbs. Custom Machine Insert Available
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