SewStation 101, Sewing Table by SewingRite - Black

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Who else wants a portable sewing table that doubles as a drafting and fabric cutting surface? Announcing the SewStation 101, Sewing Table by SewingRite with adjustable height sewing machine rack. Not only does the table hold sewing machines up to 25 lbs., you can use it for cutting and measuring your fabric. You no longer need a sewing table AND a cutting table. It's all in one! The sturdy steel legs give you a secure sewing station. And the steel pins beneath the table keep it from folding under the pressure of your heavy sewing machine. Keep your sewing space clean and tidy by simply folding up your table for storage when you're done. It's about the size of a card table and can slip in a closet or under a bed.
1 Transform your craft room into a sewing sanctuary with your own SewStation table by SewingRite.
2 Not only does it hold up to 50 lbs., the laminate tabletop won't scratch or leave cut marks.
3 With 5.5 square feet of surface space, your SewStation 101 doubles as a cutting table.
4 Steel legs pins beneath give you a sturdy work space that won't buckle under your heavy machine.
5 Keep a tidy sewing space by folding your table for storage and slip it into a closet or under a bed.
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