Grace Bungee Clamps Set of 4 For Machine/Hand Quilting Frames

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The Bungee Clamps have been designed with a sleek new profile to make attaching and removing them even easier The Bungee Clamps provide eXcellent and even side tension for your quilts at the edges of your machine or hand quilting frame. All GraceFrames eXcept for the EZ3 currently come with a set. These come in a set of four.
1 The sleeker profile makes these bungee clamps more comfortable and easier to attach and remove
2 Every current hand quilting and machine quilting frame has built-in slots for the bungee clamps
3 The thinner design of the bungee clamps lets you get right up close with your sewing machine
4 We can simply push the clamp right over your fabric to attach it and release the button easily
5 For Hand Or Machine Quilting Frames its Easy Quilting, Close Up To The Edge, Easy On, Easy Off
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