Grace Speed Control BoX for Quilting/ Sewing Machine

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The Grace Speed Control is a universal foot pedal replacement. Use the dial to set the speed of your sewing machine. It works with many machines on the market so if you switch sewing machines, the Speed Control can too! The Grace Speed Control puts the power of your foot pedal at your fingertips. Note: This comes standard with each machine quilting frame. This controls the constant stitch speed, it is NOT stitch regulator like the SureStitch.
1 Speed dial that allows you to set your machine to desired stitch speed.
2 On/Off button to start and stop your machine. Easy to use knob controls stitching speed.
3 Pulse Button machine runs until you release it, or touch and release for a single stitch.
4 Thread Cutter Button activates your machine's thread cutter. (Only compatible with the Juki 98 series.)
5 Sewing Machine not included. Velcro Straps for easy attachment to your frame. It is only compatible for Brother 1500 S
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